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The Beginning of a new sort of tri club

My whole life...

I was in search of my community. I looked for other people who looked like me, cared about the things that I cared about, and people I could genuinely connect to. 

When I started TRI-ing, I immediately fell in love with the sport and the sense of community we have as triathletes. 

To say that triathlon changed my life is an understatement of epic proportions!


The sense of community, excitement, and accomplishment that I gained through this sport is unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. Anyone who’s completed a triathlon of any distance can attest to the life-changing property of this sport.


One night, I was sitting in our living room and ran (correction: sprinted) to tell my husband about an idea I had to start an LGBTQ+ triathlon club.


At the time, it felt like a perfect collaboration of the pride that I feel for being a part of the LGBTQ community, my love for triathlon, and my real need for a more inclusive community and more connection. Not to mention it all began in June (Pride Month).

We plan to create a community where, no matter where you live, you can be a part of a team that celebrates the pride we all share for the LGBTQ+ family.

We will be offering triathlon and running training plans, personal coaching, free videos, tips and tricks, events, and event support tents.


I am glad to share our community with you and welcome you to the Pride Tri Club.

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